JSLou Learn Night Wed May 20, 2015

Modules in the Browser: Finally

Matthew Phillips

ECMAScript 6, the upcoming new standard for JavaScript, includes modules
for the first time. We’ll go over the history of using modules in the
browser, from simple script tags, to module loaders like RequireJS and
Browserify, and then look at the upcoming Loader standard and how you
can hack it to provide additional capabilities to your workflow.

About the presenter

Matthew Phillips - JavaScript Engineer with Bitovi and an enthusiast of open-standards and the web

Matthew Phillips

Louisville, Kentucky

Matthew is a JavaScript Engineer with Bitovi and an enthusiast of open-standards and the web. His current passion is web modules, which he works on in StealJS and StealTools. When not obsessing over code, Matthew likes to relax by going kayaking and hiking, and dreaming of his future beach-side home.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015
7:00 PM


VIA Studio
223 S. Clay Street
Louisville, KY

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Here are some ideas if you think you might want to speak.

Share your experience with the group – it’s a great way to help build the thriving JavaScript community here in Louisville!


  • Talk about what you know – it’s safe to assume others can learn from it.
  • Don’t worry about your skill level, the group has a wide range of experience, and beginners can gain a lot from what you know even if you are a beginner working through the basics yourself.


  • Talk about a tool or framework you use.
  • Provide a real-world scenario, discuss a project, or how you solved a problem in a project.
  • Show & Tell – Show off a project you are working on or have completed.
  • Code Review/Ask for help – Talk about a project you are working on and get the group’s feedback or help, we would love to do code review/ solve problems on the spot. The group has lots of really bright developers who would love to help.

The format:

  • JSLou talks are around 20min, with a short Q&A period to follow.
  • JSLou’s attendance is usually around 10-15 people on learn nights, and the style is very relaxed so expect comments/questions to pop up during your talk as well.
  • Talks are recorded video/audio unless you specify otherwise.
  • Speaking at the group looks great on your linkedin profile or resume.

Thanks again and remember to either reply to the mailing list, or email jslouky@gmail.com and let me know you would like to speak.

JSLou JavaScript Group – Learn Night

Third Wednesday of each month

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Mar 19 meeting – speaker line-up

Dannie Gregoire – Greasemonkey

 Extending enterprise applications with javascript and Greasemonkey.

Thomas Neirynck – Leaflet

A developer API for adding maps to a web app.

What to expect:

  • Informal conversation style
  • 15-20min talks
  • Audio/video recorded for use on website
  • Slides / video / live-coding all optional, you decide
  • Questions and open discussion to follow