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Taking Control of Front-End Data Structures with Margaret James

Taking Control of Front-End Data Structures with Margaret James

Wednesday 2017-09-20
7pm at Warp Zone Louisville

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This talk will briefly review the “how did we get here” from MVCs to uni-directional frameworks, focusing on a breakdown of different aspects of state, and approaches in dealing with & maintaining a healthy separation between these types of state. It will touch on some of the tooling developed to meet today’s state management-related needs.

JSLou JavaScript Learn Night Louisville Kentucky

So what is this all about?

JSLou is a 100% free to attend community gathering where people of any experience level, and all types of JavaScript can feel right at home.

JSLou is the first JavaScript focussed community group in Louisville Kentucky and was Established September 2013.

JSLou was founded by Alex Bezuska, and organizers include:

2 meetings per month:

Hack Night1st Wed every month

Warp Zone Louisville

Bring a laptop, work on your own project, finish something, this is dedicated time to work in a relaxed environment and get help from others as needed. This meeting is not structured but we may do intros if there are new people.

Learn Night3rd Wed every month

Warp Zone Louisville

A structured meeting with intros, relevant news, announcements, and a speaker discussing a specific topic with Q&A and social time to follow. Also something new: every other Learn night is a special Lightning Talks night where 3-6 speakers talk on topics for 5-15 minutes each.

Stay Up-To-Date

Our main way of keeping track of events is Meetup.com, please RSVP so we know how many people to expect!
Be sure to join the Slack chat on Louisville.io, where the best and brightest Louisville developers talk.
You can also keep up to date with us on Twitter, or Google Calendar.

JSLou wants you!

Contact JSLou organizer Alex Bezuska if you are interested in speaking at a JSLou Learn Night

What might happen at a meeting:

  • Meet/Greet, introductions and ‘what do you want out of the group’, what do you do etc.
  • Javascript general discussion
  • Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced presentations
  • Group project / Ideas
  • What are you working on? – Show and tell the group about your current projects for work, or for fun – get feedback, help, or code review
  • Eat/ Drink – Hang out
  • Community Service projects/ ideas/ goals as a group